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Meet your jewelry designer, Marianne.

Daughter of an Armenian jeweler, Marianne was born in Yerevan, Armenia. She grew up with an appreciation and love for fine Jewelry due to her father's influence. 


Marianne and her family migrated to Los Angeles, California in1995.

Once she and her family settled in, her father decided to open a Jewelry store.


Fast forward, Marianne graduated High School and decided to apprentice as a hairstylist.

After a successful 28 years in the jewelry business, Marianne's father decided to close his Jewelry store and retire. Soon after, the entire world was hit with a Pandemic, which resulted in business closures, including the salon she was employed at. This clearly shifted the narrative for many, including hers.  After a decade in the hair industry, she decided it was time to pursue her passion and follow in her father's footsteps.  From as far back as she could remember, Marianne had an intense drive for jewelry design. 


How does she put her collection together? Well, she listens to what you want and uses her finely honed fashion sense. Every piece of jewelry is custom made, all the design and assembly are handcrafted by her. It’s a one-woman show!

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